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A: The range of models and prices can be found by following the Showroom drop down at the top of the page
A: Your trade-in value is based on many factors, including the model year, original price, price of the most recent comparative model, mileage, the condition of your vehicle and the prevailing market conditions.
A: Simpson Finance has a range of ways to fit a new Chevrolet into your life and your budget. For more information visit or contact them at 417-7777.


A: Stability enhancement systems help drivers maintain control of vehicles during certain low traction driving conditions such as ice, snow, gravel, wet pavement and uneven road surfaces, as well as in emergency lane changes or avoidance manoeuvres.
A: A vehicle equipped with all-wheel drive temporarily transfers power to all four driving wheels automatically when the need is sensed by the vehicle. A vehicle equipped with four-wheel drive (4x4) can transfer power from two wheels to all four wheels upon driver demand, usually by pushing a button or turning a switch.
A: Chevrolet MyLink organizes and integrates your technology so you can make and receive calls, get text message alerts and enjoy other convenient features — all while keeping your compatible mobile device stored away.  Available phone integration lets you connect your Android device or iPhone to the Chevrolet MyLink display, enabling select apps and features to be displayed on the built-in touch-screen display.


A: Chevrolet warranty is 60 months or 100,000 km, whichever comes first.  This consists of a basic warranty of 36 months from the date of purchase plus an extended warranty of an additional 24 months. 
A: Warranty becomes null and void if the odometer is altered or disconnected or if the vehicle is not brought in to the Simpson Motors service department for its scheduled services at 1,000 kms, and every 10,000 kms thereafter up to and including 100,000 kms.  Warranty does not apply to regular maintenance items, including but not limited to tyres, shock absorbers, brake elements, tuning parts, lubricants, filters and labour associated with such.


A: The first service is due at 1,000 kms or one month (whichever comes first).  For passenger cars, subsequent services are every 5,000 kms or three months (whichever comes first), while the interval for diesel models is every 10,000 kms or six months (whichever comes first).   Previous